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Review: Resident Evil Village – An Action-Centric Follow-Up That Can’t Quite Hit The Highs Of Its Predecessor

Ethan’s Hunt.

Set just three years after the events of 2017’s superlative Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil Village rejoins perennial whiner Ethan Winters and his wife Mia as they struggle to come to terms with the ordeal they suffered at the hands of the hillbilly Bakers in the Mold-infested swamps of Louisiana. Although the family has now been whisked away to the safety of a secret Eastern European location by everyone’s favourite boulder-punching lughead, Chris Redfield, it isn’t long before disaster strikes once again, with Ethan forced into a desperate fight against all manner of freakish nasties in order to rescue his newborn daughter, Rose.

Where its predecessor was a laser-focused thrill ride that did a top job of ratcheting up some real tension over a good three quarters of its running time – and successfully returned the series to its slow-burn survival horror roots in the process – Village feels like a much more action-centric mish-mash of old and new ideas by comparison. This is a real kitchen sink effort in places, in fact, an often completely bonkers game that certainly manages to keep things entertaining but is also, undeniably, a slight step down in form when compared to its properly petrifying precursor.

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