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Review: Rise of the Slime – Slay The Spire Lite, With Tiddly Text

It’s time to slime.

Forget the Age of Aquarius (what do you mean, you already did?) — this is the age of the roguelike deckbuilder. If you’re into cards, procedural generation, dungeon crawling and turn-based combat, then buddy, you’ve come to the right review, because Rise of the Slime is all of those things.

Yes, if you’ve enjoyed the likes of Slay the Spire, Dicey Dungeons, Hand of Fate, Thronebreaker, and Nowhere Prophet, then it’s time to add Rise of the Slime to your deckbuilder bucket list. Made by a solo Latvian developer, it’s centred around the story of one underdog (underslime?) who’s trying to, erm, go… somewhere? Or be the King? Something to do with a crown?? Honestly, story seems pretty light in this one, but we’re not playing deckbuilders for plot, right?

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