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Review: SaGa Frontier Remastered – A Cracking Update Of An Infuriating Cult Classic

Only For The Hardcore Frontier Raver.

SaGa Frontier, Square Enix’s idiosyncratic JRPG classic, arrives on Nintendo Switch in a lovingly crafted remaster that gives long-time fans plenty to get excited about whilst fully retaining the ability to absolutely infuriate and bewilder anyone who isn’t au fait with its many, many eccentricities. This is a twenty-six-year-old game that’s still worth experiencing, and one that benefits greatly from the additions made in this upgraded version, but it’s also one that you’ll need to prepare to work hard at in order to enjoy, especially if this is your first trip around The Regions.

First things first, though — and on the most positive of notes — this really is a properly excellent remaster and an absolute gift for hardcore SaGa series fans. It introduces a bunch of neat quality of life improvements, restores lots of cut content, polishes character models to a high resolution sheen, adds pointers to help with level traversal and even throws in a New Game+ mode and brand new quest log system that makes it far, far easier to keep track of what you’re up to as you blast through the eight character storylines on offer.

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