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Review: Scarlet Nexus – Bonkers Combat, With An Even More Bonkers Story

Bring some painkillers.

A few hours into Scarlet Nexus your fingers are dancing around the controller as you’re directing the ballet of action on screen. By the end of the game, you’re not only directing the experience, but you’re also producing it, controlling the lighting, and fulfilling the role of every member of the ballet. How it eases you in and teaches you the mechanics up until this point is a stroke of genius, and is complemented by some truly visceral action. It’s narrative attempts to run parallel to all of this with the same degree of insanity, but ultimately falls short of its stellar gameplay.

Attempting to explain the plot of Scarlet Nexus would most likely end with you popping some painkillers as your brain helplessly attempts to process it all. It’s utter nonsense – and not in the good way. There’s some enjoyment watching each story beat attempt to upstage the last by further reaching out of the realms of reality, but it’s hard to resonate with a plot which constantly throws revelation upon revelation. It feels as though the story is always trying to fight for your attention and in the process causes a disconnect.

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