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Review: Skate City – Lacks Real Challenge, But Good For Board-Based Vibing

Lords of Dogtown?

If you’ve been hankering for a little 2D side-scrolling skateboard action but Roll7’s OlliOlli series is just a bit too hardcore for your liking, Agens and Room 8’s Skate City might just be right up your vert ramp. There’s no precisely timed landing of tricks required here, no sweaty palms, complex combos or finger-twisting barrages of inputs to worry about. This is a much more relaxed affair and one that, for the most part, sells its dreamlike, laid back take on urban skate action rather well.

Originally released on Apple Arcade back in 2019, Skate City is certainly a rather slight affair, with just three small locations to ollie, nollie and grind your way around but, with all-important online leaderboards present and correct alongside a handful of unlockable special tricks, upgradeable skills and a skate shop from which to purchase trendy gear for your little ragdoll avatar, there’s still a decent amount of fun here for avid skaters to sink their teeth into, especially given the game’s budget price.

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