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Review: SkateBIRD – A Chirpy, Charming Tony Hawk-Alike That Fails To Stick The Landing

Flip the bird.

The skateboarding game, as a genre, has been under-explored. Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater defined it with such finesse in 1999 that there has barely been any room for improvement – as borne out by the continuing appeal of that first game two decades later. But considering how much it has in common with a 3D platformer – open environments with an emphasis on acrobatic exploration and discovery – there is surely an opportunity for others to try some new ideas.

Enter SkateBIRD, the game that answers the question, “What if Tony Hawk was a tiny hawk?” Whoever flippantly asked that question probably wasn’t expecting an answer in the form of a video game released several years of work later, but here it is.

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