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Review: Sludge Life – A Crude, Delightfully Disposable First-Person Graffiti-‘Em-Up

Basic sludgeanomics.

Thug life. Slug life. Thudge life. Sludge Life. It’s a pretty simple A-to-B transition when you really look at it. Okay, it’s not. At all. But you try and open a review for a game like this… and what is there to say? Sludge Life is a game where you do stuff. Exist at your own pace.

In this game, you — as Marge Simpson would say — graffito-tag public property. Entering an open-world space known as Glug that’s big enough to hide plenty of nooks and crannies but compact enough not to be a pain to traverse, you comb the area for spots to tag, using a handheld camera to scope them out, then make your way to them and hit ‘Y’ to make your mark.

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