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Review: The Medium – A Stunning Xbox Series X Showpiece, Let Down By Uninspired Gameplay

Hello from the other side!

The Medium often feels like a theme park attraction. I’m not talking about the thrilling adventure of Space Mountain at Disneyland, but something more in line with a slower dark ride attraction such as The Haunted Mansion. Bloober Team’s latest title, one that aims to utilise the Xbox Series X|S’ horsepower to a large extent, is a gorgeous visual treat which slowly pushes you deeper into its narrative from one set piece to the next. But it also feels hands off in some respects, making you feel like an observer of its surroundings rather than being directly involved, which both works for and against The Medium.

It’s evident Bloober Team has focused on The Medium’s storytelling rather than pushing for action packed moment-to-moment gameplay. For that, The Medium generally succeeds as it places you in the shoes of Marianne, a young medium who works on helping lost souls move to the other side. Haunted by dark visions and greeted by a mysterious phone call, Marianne is propelled on a psychological narrative which explores many dark themes with twists and turns.

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