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Review: There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension – Don’t Let The Title Fool You

Follow the white rabbit.

What are you doing here? We assume you’ve clicked a link under the assumption that you’re going to find a review of a game, but as you can quite clearly see from the title, there is no game. So we’d like to apologise for wasting your time here, and we’ll catch you on the next one!

Okay, we’re joking – obviously. We couldn’t help ourselves, though; There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension centres its entire narrative on the premise that, actually, you’re not playing a game (at least, not a traditional game). In fact, the narrator that accompanies you throughout the experience does his utmost best to convince you to stop playing, put down your controller, and quite frankly leave him alone. It’s a tremendous fourth-wall-breaking experiment that, while technically a sequel to the 2015 title There Is No Game, feels wholly unique.

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