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Review: Watch Dogs: Legion – Visually Impressive On Series X, But Repetitive And Clunky

Ded On Arrival?

The hacky-smacky members of Watch Dogs’ DedSec return for a third outing in the series that sees the hacktivist gang on the run, framed for a terrorist attack they didn’t commit and looking to clear their name as they strike back against shadowy figures across a truly impressive vision of a dystopian near-future London. There are plenty of positives starting out here with that superbly realised setting, a decent story and the game’s much-vaunted “Play as Anyone” mechanic giving players a seemingly endless parade of kooky operatives to get to grips with. However, it’s not long before tedium takes hold and the deeply repetitive, often clumsy and unrefined nature of the core gameplay begins to take its toll.

Watch Dogs: Legion gets off to a strong start with an explosive opening sequence setting the scene for a tale of redemption and revenge that sees you, now one of the very last remaining members of DedSec, strike out, rebuilding your team with operatives plucked from everyday civilians you encounter on the street and hacking and sneaking your way through a host of famous landmarks as you attempt to uncover the mystery at the heart of the narrative. It’s a formulaic story for sure, but it’s more than solid enough to act as a decent backdrop to what should be some super fun hack-and-smack action.

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