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Rumour: Elden Ring Won’t Be At Xbox’s Showcase, Or Maybe Even E3

Hellblade 2 may also not be appearing.

Everything seems up in the air surrounding Elden Ring. We had a leaked trailer earlier this year, later followed by what seemingly looked like confirmation of a worldwide reveal during Xbox’s E3 conference. Alas, one industry insider seems adamant it won’t be shown during the Xbox Showcase, and possibly not at E3 at all.

This comes from long standing industry insider Jeff Grubb, who made the claim during today’s episode of The Game Mess Show. In his comments about Elden Ring, he made the pretty definitive statement that it won’t be shown during the Xbox showcase, which leads him to believe it most likely won’t be shown at E3 at all. While the latter is speculation, Xbox originally revealed Elden Ring back in 2019, so it would make sense for it to return via that means again.

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