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: Samurai Warriors 5 (PS4) – Rebooted Hack and Slasher Is Fantastic Fun, for the Most Part

Incident at Honnoji.

It’s been seven whole years since the last mainline instalment in the Samurai Warriors series, and as far as we’re concerned, 2014’s Samurai Warriors 4 is still one of the best Warriors games on the market. Samurai Warriors 5 has quite the legacy to live up to, then, but is a rebooted storyline, a fresh art style, and a slew of new gameplay mechanics enough to warrant another Japanese conquest?

Let’s start with the most important part: Samurai Warriors 5 can be an absolute blast to play. We’d go as far to say that it offers up some of the most enjoyable hack and slash combat in Koei Tecmo’s gigantic Warriors catalogue — but the game’s convoluted structure holds it back more often than it should.

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