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: Sniper Elite VR (PSVR) – Precision Shooting That Mostly Hits the Mark

Sniper, no sniping.

Rebellion’s no stranger to virtual reality. Having remade Atari’s classic Battlezone as a PSVR launch title and publishing Arca’s Path two years later, it’s teamed up with Just Add Water for Sniper Elite VR. While PlayStation owners haven’t lacked for Sniper Elite entries — we’ve previously seen III, 4, V2 Remastered, and the Zombie Army spin-offs — this VR-exclusive entry is a series first, dropping third-person shooter mechanics for a first-person approach to better fit. Thankfully, Sniper Elite loses nothing in this transition.

Rather than Sniper Elite’s usual protagonist, Karl Fairburne, VR’s story is told from the perspective of an Italian war veteran, remembering his time as a Partisan. Taking us to Southern Italy in 1943, our goal is simple: free our Sicilian homeland from fascist occupation. This isn’t a barebones demo like we’ve often seen in VR, Rebellion’s brought us a fully-fledged campaign split across 18 new missions and though the opening stages won’t take long to complete, it’ll keep you busy for around 10 hours.

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