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Soapbox: Game Genres Are Broken


If your mum asked you if you wanted to watch a romantic period drama with her for Mother’s Day, you’d know what to expect. Two hours of unrelenting pining between two extremely good-looking people in silly outfits, kept apart by some ridiculous social convention, at least one ludicrously sexy scene where one of the good-looking people falls in a lake, or gets shot and has to take their top off, and then they get married at the end.

If your dad requested a movie night with a bunch of ’80s action movies, again, you’d already know quite a few of the tropes. Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, and Sylvester Stallone try to break into an underground wrestling crime ring run by the German Mafia to rescue their daughter, wife, and best friend from a plane crash before the President finds out. And then, at the end, they all turn out to be androids!

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