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Soapbox: Is The Best Harry Potter Game On Game Boy Color? Quite Possibly


We recently asked you Nintendo Life readers to rate your favourite Game Boy Color games, and as we’re preparing to publish the Top 50 results, we’re taking a look back at a handful of our favourite GBC games. Here, Kate remembers one particular handheld Harry adventure — the one where the Philosopher and the Sorcerer bickered about whose Stone it was…

There have been an awful lot of awful Harry Potter games, from the janky, physics-bending Chamber of Secrets (“Flipendo!!” will continue to haunt my nightmares) to the downright disappointing Xbox 360 and PS3 games. Considering the vast fortunes generated by franchise, it’s honestly wild that it’s apparently been so difficult for Warner Bros. to find a studio that can turn the massively-successful Wizarding World series into a half-decent game that captures the magic of the books.

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