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Talking Point: How Do You Feel About The Witcher 3 Six Years Later?

Feeling old yet?

It’s hard to believe, but The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has hit its sixth birthday today. That’s right, the 2015 game is now six years old and still holds a huge cultural impact in the gaming world. This year is set to see a next-gen version of the game surface, but what else is in store for the series in the future?

No matter where the franchise goes, we’ll still have this significant gaming milestone to look back on. It changed the way we saw RPGs going forward. Fully fleshed side content, choices that truly mattered, and a gorgeous open-world world packed with lore and monsters that demanded to be discovered. While other games have managed to successfully replicate some of those elements, it can be argued that this was one of the first to perfectly marry it altogether into one cohesive package.

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