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The Forgotten City Is A Skyrim Mod Turned Full Game Coming To Xbox This Summer

The mod had over 3 million downloads.

The Forgotten City originated as a mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and managed to rake in over 3 million downloads on PC. Due to an unprecedented amount of fan feedback, it later became commissioned as a fully fledged title, which will be making its way to Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One sometime this Summer.

Set during the Roman Empire, you’ll be stuck in a time loop as you play as a time traveler attempting to solve a mystery. As it began as a Skyrim mod, some of the classic tropes from the Elder Scrolls series remain. Create your character, explore an open-world, and be faced with tough moral decisions as you seek to solve the time loop you’re stuck in. It definitely sounds like an interesting spin on the classic RPG formula.

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