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The Game Awards to Feature New Game Announcements in the Double Digits

40 to 50 games present “someway or another”.

The hype master himself, Geoff Keighley, has been working hard each year to turn The Game Awards into a huge end-of-year event, and it’s reached a point where fans look forward to it as much as anything else. Airing each December, the awards ceremony also acts as a venue in which publishers make all kinds of exciting announcements. By the sound of it, this year’s show will be the biggest yet.

A new interview has emerged on Epic Games’ website, of all places, and it seems we’re in for a pretty enormous showcase. Keighley says he’s expecting 40 to 50 games to be present during the runtime “someway or another”. That could range from a short promo of something releasing soon through to a trailer for something brand new. Speaking of which, the presenter estimates the number of new game announcements will be somewhere in the double digits, which seems like a lot.

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