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: Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline (PS5) – A Much Better Plot Built on Existing Foundations

London’s falling.

A little over six months since its PlayStation 5 debut, Watch Dogs Legion is undoubtedly in a better place. Make no mistake, this ambitious but ultimately flawed open world jaunt through futuristic London is still let-down by the weight of its own ideas, but Ubisoft – as the French publisher is wont to do – has worked tirelessly to add meaningful improvements, like a responsive 60 frames-per-second graphical option and online play.

Watch Dogs Legion: Bloodline, a major expansion, pares back the core campaign’s “play as anyone” gimmick, delivering a more fulfilling storyline in the process. Acting as a kind of prequel set before the events of the main game, you’ll play as Aiden Pearce and Wrench – two of the more memorable characters from the franchise’s otherwise forgettable cast – in a plot that bridges events from Watch Dogs and Watch Dogs 2.

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