Sega Dreamcast Console + Original Pad (PAL), No Box


Pre-Owned Sega Dreamcast Console + Original Pad (PAL), No Box

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Pre-Owned Sega Dreamcast Console + Original Pad (PAL), No Box

Dreamcast included advanced hardware technology in 3D graphics, sound, and input devices, as well as an on-board modem to support internet access and network gaming. The inclusion of Windows CE with DirectX provided a flexible, versatile development environment, supported by Microsoft development tools, that eased title development and makes possible true cross-platform title compatibility with Windows-based PCs. The result was a powerful platform that enabled creative and technical advances in video games to reach entirely new levels.

In addition, the Dreamcast controller was truly unique, featuring a slot on the front for the Visual Memory (VM) unit. While it primarily served as a removable storage unit for saved game data like a standard memory card, the VM could also function as an auxiliary display during gameplay, and even sometimes as its own bespoke handheld device. Features of the VM included a small black and white screen, speaker, directional pad, and four buttons.

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