Final Fantasy VIII (8) (PlayStation 1), Boxed


Pre-Owned Final Fantasy VIII (8) (PlayStation 1), Boxed.

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Pre-Owned Final Fantasy VIII (8) (PlayStation 1), Boxed.

Squall Leonhart is a young man in training to become of member of SeeD – a mercenary organization and the goal of all young students in Balamb Garden. Squall is not a particularly friendly guy and has troubles with his fellow students and teachers. On the eve of his graduation hostilities break out between the city-states of Galbadia and Dollet.

As their final test, Squall and three other students are sent on a mission to assist in the fight against Galbadia. In the process they discover that there are other characters pulling strings from behind the stage, and eventually uncover a mystery that involves two decades of secrets hidden both from the world and from themselves.

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