Kula World (PlayStation 1), Boxed


Pre-Owned Kula World (PlayStation 1), Boxed.

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Pre-Owned Kula World (PlayStation 1), Boxed.

In Kula World the player takes control of a beach ball and has to navigate it through stationary platforms that are suspended in mid-air.

The objective is to find one or more keys before trying to reach the exit in time. The defining characteristic of the ball is that it sticks to the surface of any side of the platform. Keys and exits become harder to get to and the player must find ways to circumvent traps and obstacles.

The ball can be made to jump over these obstacles or across platforms, as well as down onto lower platforms. If the ball falls off the platform or if the ball is spiked by objects, the game will spawn the player at the beginning of the level.

Various beneficial items such as coins, gems and pieces of fruit contribute to the player’s score. A score penalty is taken when failing the objective or restarting the level mid-game. When the player’s score falls below 0, the game is over.

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