Sega Mega Drive Console Model 1 + Original Pad (PAL European), No Box


Pre-Owned Sega Mega Drive Console + Original Pad (PAL European), No Box

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Pre-Owned Sega Mega Drive Console + Original Pad (PAL European), No Box

Providing an experience akin to that enjoyed in arcades of the time, the Mega Drive appealed mainly to older gamers, with more mature titles than it’s rivals. With an FM synthesiser, the system produced high-quality stereo music and sound effects; it contained 72 KB of RAM and 64 KB of video RAM, and could display up to 64 colours at once from a palette of 512.

The 16-bit successor to the Master System, the Mega Drive treated gamers to bold graphics, fast gameplay, and synthesised FM+PSG stereo sound.

The Mega Drive enjoyed a large library of games from many different genres – Disney tie-ins Aladdin and The Lion King enticed young players; fighting games and beat ’em ups such as Mortal Kombat and Streets of Rage catered to the more mature market; and titles like Thunderforce II, Ecco the Dolphin, and Phantasy Star IV had something for everyone.

Initially sold with arcade beat ’em up classic Altered Beast, the Mega Drive became synonymous with its most popular series, Sonic the Hedgehog. Throughout the console’s lifecycle, Sonic games remained the backbone of the library, from the eponymous first entry through to the revolutionary 3D title Sonic 3D: Flickies’ Island.

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