Sony PlayStation 2 – Slim Black Console + Official Dualshock 2 Pad (NTSC-J), Boxed


Pre-Owned – Playstation 2 Slim – Black Console + Official Dualshock 2 Pad (NTSC-J), Boxed.

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Pre-Owned – Playstation 2 Slim – Black Console + Official Dualshock 2 Pad (NTSC-J), Boxed.

Fun, sociable and easy-to-use, the PlayStation 2 offers an unparalleled range of audio-visual experiences and is an essential addition to your classic gaming set up.

Bring your living room alive with some of the greatest multiplayer games known to man, all on a single, simple, plug-and-play unit.

PlayStation 2 plays host to the largest and most varied range of video games ever assembled. No matter what type of game you prefer, from sports to shoot ’em-ups, from driving to role-playing, PlayStation 2 delivers it all.


  • PlayStation 2 is a fully fledged DVD player out of the box: Give all of your favourite films a new lease of life with all the benefits of the format: incredible sound and picture quality, bonus features and special additions.
  • The PlayStation 2 is backwards compataible with the PS1 catalog of games,  making building up your collection drastically easier.
  • Additionally, you can even listen to all of your audio CDs on the PS2, and if your existing home setup includes Dolby Digital Surround Sound, you’ve got all of the connections you need to hook your PS2 up straight away.
  • You won’t find unique titles like Mr Moskeeto, Gregory Horror Show, Ratchet and Clank or R-Type Final on any other console, so whether you’re a hardcore gamer, or just fancy a quick blast now and then, PlayStation 2 really is the only entertainment system that delivers on all points.

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