Sony Playstation 3 Original, PS2 Comp. – Black 60GB Console + Official SixAxis Pad (PAL), Boxed


Pre-Owned Playstation 3 Original, PS2 Comp. – Black 60GB Console + Official SixAxis Pad (PAL), Boxed.

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Pre-Owned Playstation 3 Original, PS2 Comp. – Black 60GB Console + Official SixAxis Pad (PAL), Boxed.

PS3 delivers the next generation of interactive entertainment. Enjoy Blu-ray Disc movies, cutting edge High Definition games, easy music, video and photo storage, free access to PLAYSTATION Network and much more.

Blu-ray disc

With its phenomenal processing power, PLAYSTATION 3 is designed to deal with crisp High Definition imagery and crystal clear sound – and Blu-ray Disc is the perfect format for delivering the huge amounts of data this requires. A single Blu-ray Disc can store 25GB (single layer), or even 50GB (dual layer). By comparison, DVDs can only contain up to 4.7GB.

Capable of delivering an image resolution more than five times higher than that of standard DVD video, Blu-ray Disc is a revelation. Movies come with a level of detail and colour like never before, while sound is markedly improved since there’s no need for data compression.

Blu-ray Disc isn’t just for movies, either. Games benefit from the additional storage as much as, if not more than movies, with developers able to rely on access to the huge amounts of data required to create compelling, truly next generation worlds.

The finest games

PlayStation has always been home to great games from the world’s most skilled game developers – and the story is no different with PS3. What has changed is the sheer potential that such a powerful system brings.

With a Hard Disk Drive and Blu-ray Disc storage as standard, developers can now create worlds of previously unimaginable size and detail, while the processing speed of the Cell Broadband EngineTM allows for advanced physical simulation and Artificial Intelligence.

Combine it all with advanced High Definition graphics, and you get games that are more impressive and immersive than ever before.


When you sign up for free access to PLAYSTATION Network (broadband required), you gain access to a wealth of services that really add to your PS3 experience. Feeling sociable? Try playing your favourite game online – at no additional cost – or chat with your friends via text or voice.

If you’re after something new, browse PLAYSTATION Store – your gateway to full games, demos of forthcoming blockbusters, and all kinds of HD trailers and game add-ons. Or sit back and surf the Internet from your sofa via the built-in browser.

However you enjoy your entertainment, connect to PLAYSTATION Network and enjoy new experiences delivered straight to your home.

High Definition

Create a perfect partnership by connecting PS3 to an HDTV. Scenes are rendered in amazing detail, all the way up to the best resolution that today’s technology can offer – 1080p.

Seeing your entertainment in this kind of detail transports you to the scene of a movie, and makes games feel far more immediate and realistic. What’s more, High Definition means you can show your digital photos off on an impressive flat screen display – which is quick and easy with PS3.

With its state of the art Cell Broadband EngineTM, PS3 smoothly processes the huge amounts of data required for High Definition footage.

SIXAXIS Wireless Controller

The SIXAXIS Wireless Controller for PLAYSTATION 3 employs a high-precision, motion sensitive, six axis system, which detects natural hand movements for intuitive real-time interactive play. With the adoption of Bluetooth wireless technology, the SIXAXIS Wireless Controller allows up to 7 players to play at the same time, without attaching any other external devices.

In addition, by simply inserting a USB cable into the Wireless Controller (from the PLAYSTATION 3), users can seamlessly switch from wireless to wired connection and automatically charge its battery while the Wireless Controller is in use. When fully charged, the Wireless Controller’s battery life lasts up to 30 hours before recharging is necessary.


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