Sony Playstation 1 – Grey Console + Official Digital Pad (PAL), No Box.


Playstation 1 – Grey Console + Official Digital Pad (PAL), No Box.

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Pre-Owned – Playstation 1 – Grey Console + Official Digital Pad (PAL), No Box.

Timeless and ruggedly reliable, the PlayStation 1 is a real nostalgia machine, guaranteed to whisk you back to the dawn of 3D gaming and the pinnacle of 2D gaming experiences in the mid 1990’s!

Designed to be accessible and easy to use like the consoles before it, the PS1 is as easy to use now as it was then, simply hook up the AV’s, insert your oldschool favourites and go!

PlayStation 1 has an astounding legacy of titles that have gone on to be viewed as some of the greatest gaming experiences ever created. You can be assured that whatever you want to play, PS1 will have not only a selection, but some of the best in genre!


  • PlayStation 1 is a excellent CD player out of the box: enjoying your favourite CD’s both old and new on vintage hardware really gives them a new energy and vibe you might not of expected.
  • Unlike many other systems it’s contemporary with, PS1 games are plentiful and easy to find in numerous stores both on and offline, making it ideal for the collector.
  • You won’t find unique titles like Tombi, Castlevania Chronicles, Kula World or Point Blank on any other console, infact the PS1 has such an array of exclusive titles that have still yet to be released officially on any other platform it’s hard to call yourself a classic gamer without one.

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