Portal Runner (Playstation 2), Boxed


Pre-Owned Portal Runner (Playstation 2), Boxed.

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Pre-Owned Portal Runner (Playstation 2), Boxed.

Portal Runner is going to captivate players with an emotional story, addictive gameplay and gorgeous visuals. The game is centred around two unusual heroes: Vikki and her ferocious lion companion, Leo. Vikki uses a bow and arrow with a variety of spectacular arrow effects, while Leo is an awesome close-combat powerhouse. Together, Vikki and Leo journey through a huge variety of incredibly beautiful and rich fantasy environments filled with interactive gameplay and multiple paths to explore.

Portal Runner is an action game with adventure gameplay elements that differentiate it from many competitors. Hot shooting action, platform-style challenges, and deep exploration all take place in spectacular, surrealistic environments. The combination of shooting action with the lighter exploration and item collection adventure elements provides for a huge amount of variety to the pacing and gameplay. An original engine created specifically for the PS2 will take full advantage of the machine’s power to create spectacular worlds and depict stunningly realistic characters. Players will be immersed in a world unlike anything they have seen before, thanks to the combination of PS2 technology and surrealistic visual style.

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