UFO Super Drive Pro (Region Free), No Box


Pre-Owned UFO Super Drive Pro (Region Free), No Box.

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Pre-Owned UFO Super Drive Pro (Region Free), No Box.

Backup your favourite SNES Game Cartridges on 3.5″ floppy disks using PC’s DOS format and play your games from, keeping your cartridges safe!

You can also edit the game’s data on your PC including applying translation or difficulty patches. Then play your game on the UFO Super Drive Pro together with your SNES console and enjoy the changes you’ve made.

Disk utility – Allow to format disks in 1.6MB (2HD), 1.4MB (2HD), 800KB (2DD) & 720KB (3DD), Delete files, Rename files, Copy files & Directory list.

Cheat-code function – Allows you to use cheat-codes during the game.

Real-time Save Function – allow you to make saves in real time whether the game has a save feature or not. You can store your real-time saved data to disk.

Slow Motion Function – Enable you to have 2 speeds of slow motion in the game.

SRAM Save Transfer Function – Enables you to transfer the SRAM save between the Cartridge, UFO & Floppy Disk.

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