Bomberman Generations (GameCube), Boxed


Pre-Owned Bomberman Generations (GameCube), Boxed

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Pre-Owned Bomberman Generations for Nintendo GameCube in Boxed condition.

In the cosmic year of 20XX, Professor Ein has succeeded in mining Bomb Elements with an unknown energy. A Space Freighter with Bomb Elements made of six Crystals has departed for Planet Bomber. However, the Hige Hige Bandits, who want to dominate space, have sent a mercenary to seize the elements. And so the battle for the Bomb Elements begins. The Space Freighter was on its way to Planet Bomber when it was attacked by an unknown entity and destroyed! It is thought that the six Bomb Elements may have been pulled in by the gravity of Planet Tentacles, the closest planet to the attack. Already, the Hige Hige Bandits are on their way to Planet Tentacles! Professor Ein needs you to retrieve the six bomb elements before the nefarious Hige Hige Bandits lead by Mujoe, can. The bandits will set many traps for Bomberman in his quest, but Bomberman will have many new tricks up his sleeve along with the help of old and new friends in this 3D adventure!

Guide Bomberman on an adventure through a lush, colourful, cel-shaded 3D world

  • Rivers to cross, trees to topple, cliffs to climb and much more
  • Five massive worlds

Classic 2D multi-player action returns in five Battle Modes for up to four players

  • Bombs away!
  • Find the mysterious Bomb Elements to create new bombs (Water, Ice, Winds bombs and more) that you’ll need to meet new challenges
  • Kick and toss bombs
  • Create Super Bombs

7; Meet new characters and earn new skills

  • Befriend Charaboms to help you on your quest
  • Merge Charaboms for even more powerful Charaboms

7; Mini-games throughout

  • Bomjy Jump, Motor Bomber, Bomber Marathon and Rail Bomber

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