Devil May Cry 2 (Playstation 2), Boxed


Pre-Owned Devil May Cry 2 (Playstation 2), Boxed.

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Pre-Owned Devil May Cry 2 (Playstation 2), Boxed.

Devil May Cry 2, the sequel to the gothic horror classic, features more and bigger environments, including a Gotham-like city and an old European town. There are now two playable characters–allowing you to play as Dante or a brand-new heroine–and Dante is even more stylish and tough than before, having gained plenty of experience fighting demons.

The level of animation and visual detail rivals a Hollywood action flick. Devil May Cry 2 also tracks the player’s skill level and adjusts the enemy challenge according to how well players perform. Dante now has more moves and attacks plus an enhanced Devil Trigger: once Dante’s devil meter is full, he will be able to transform into a demon. This demon form features new visual effects and allows Dante to destroy enemies with one smashing blow.

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