Donkey Kong: Jungle Beats (Solus) (GameCube), Boxed


Pre-Owned Donkey Kong: Jungle Beats (Solus) (GameCube), Boxed

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Pre-Owned Donkey Kong: Jungle Beats (Solus) for Nintendo GameCube in Boxed condition.

Feel the beat of a completely new gaming experience as you drum through an incredible jungle adventure with Donkey Kong! A game like no other! Grab a set of DK Bongo controllers and use them to guide Donkey Kong through wild jungle environments brimming with ravenous enemies and challenging obstacles.

The control is in the bongos! Tap the bongos, do a drum roll or clap to control Donkey Kong on the screen! This jungle’s gone wild! Battle enormous beasts, collect bananas, get in boxing matches with rivals and even ride animals and vehicles!

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Dimensions 180 × 33 × 127 cm


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