Farm Life (Nintendo DS), Boxed


Pre-Owned Farm Life (Nintendo DS), Boxed.

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Pre-Owned Farm Life (Nintendo DS), Boxed.

Craft fertile soil into a profitable, prize winning and picture-worthy farm. Prepare land and livestock to produce goods with which you can profit, and earn money to purchase equipment, land or livestock to improve your farm. Farm Life, already released in the US under the title “John Deere Harvest in the Heartland”, will allow the player to become a real modern farmer. From harvesting to crops, the player will have to develop his farm through different means.

  • Build your home in the heartland
  • Make profit and earn money to buy new tractors and other essentials
  • Great use of dual screens to monitor your farm
  • Use the touch screen and stylus to sculpt the Heartland into the farm of your dreams
  • Use the top screen to monitor your farm with the mini-map and check on the status of crops
  • The more your farm grows the more you can do and customise

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