Final Fantasy: Trading Card Game – Opus 11 Booster Pack


Final Fantasy TCG Opus 11 Booster

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Final Fantasy: Trading Card Game – Opus 11 Booster Pack

Opus XI includes cards of many popular characters from various titles with its primary focus on Final Fantasy VII, which was recently remade. A new “Counter” mechanic will be implemented from this opus. These Counters will be placed on top of characters, and there will be various types such as Monster Counters and Shuriken Counters. Depending on whether the characters have a Counter or not, as well as the number of Counters collected, they will gain an ability, or their status will change. With the implementation of this new system, we look forward to seeing new game strategies from Opus XI onward. Features: 20 full-art cards obtainable within the Opus XI: Soldier’s Return Booster Set. Booster packs include 12 cards total, with 1 Premium Foil card. Original art from Final Fantasy veterans.

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