Multi Racing Championship (Nintendo 64), No Box


Pre-Owned Multi Racing Championship (Nintendo 64), No Box

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Pre-Owned Multi Racing Championship for Nintendo Nintendo 64 in No Box condition.

MRC Multi Racing Championship is a rally car racing game. Five race modes are available. These include: Championship, Time Trial, Free Run, VS Race and Match Race. 2-player racing is handled with a horizontal split screen.

All of the cars can be customized. Individual settings that can be modified for the cars are: Tire, Brake, Suspension, Steering, Transmission, Gear and Aerodynamics. None of the eight cars in the game are licensed or real models but they do seem very similar to actual models.

The course variety is pretty varied. There are three separate tracks with some minor route variations in each. Each course has 2-4 alternate segments that are turned on and off similar to Ridge Racer.

The graphics have some variety as well. The courses are: Sea Side (Easy), Mountain (Normal), and Down Town (Hard). The look and handling of each changes as well with weather variations such as rain and snow.

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