River City Girls: Limited Run Collectors Set (Playstation 4)

River City Girls: Limited Run Collectors Set (Playstation 4)

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River City Girls on physical disc for the PlayStation 4. Region free. This Classic styled Collectors Edition is limited to just 1,500 copies worldwide.

A twist on the classic River City Ransom series of arcade style, side scrolling, “brawler rpg’s”; River City Girls has excellent controls and gameplay from Arc System Works and beautiful style and presentation from Wayforward (the creators of the Shantae series). You’ll enjoy fantastic late 80’s early 90’s synth pop/chiptune beats and charming offbeat humour as you go beat up the bullies and get back your boyfriends!

This set includes:

  • River City Girls physical game for the PlayStation 4.
  • Reversible 18 x 24 inch poster.
  • Expanded 2-disc CD soundtrack.
  • Commemorative retro NES cartridge (non-functional).
  • VIP Noize concert tickets.
  • Kyoko and Misako School ID cards.
  • Hasebe and Mami heart locket.
  • Menu from Merv’s Burgers.
  • Kidnapper Polaroid photo.
  • Set of six character art cards.

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