Thats You (Playlink) (PlayStation 4), Mint/Sealed


Pre-Owned Thats You (Playlink) (PlayStation 4), Mint/Sealed

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Pre-Owned Thats You (Playlink) for Sony PlayStation 4 in Mint/Sealed condition.

That’s You! is the game for anyone whose idea of a good time is getting together with their best friends and beloved family members, and laughing at them. It’s a quiz game, but there are no boring questions about oxbow lakes and the capital of Kazakhstan.

That’s You! is all about how well you know each other – who’s the worst at cooking? Who would survive longest in the wild? Who would be the most likely to snog a stranger at a funfair? (Grandma, obvs.) There’s also lots of fun to be had with touch-screen drawing and stupid selfies, as the game is played using smartphones or tablets instead of regular PlayStation controllers. So even Grandad will find it easy to join in (once he’s over the shock of the thing about Grandma and the guy taking the money for the Waltzer.)

The only other things you need are a telly and a PS4. Plus of course an intimate knowledge of the people you’re playing with, and a willingness to exploit that emotional bond for points.

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