Thief: Deadly Shadows (Xbox Original), Boxed


Pre-Owned Thief: Deadly Shadows (Xbox), Boxed

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Pre-Owned Thief: Deadly Shadows (Xbox Original), Boxed.

You once again take on the role of Garrett, a master thief who is rarely seen, never caught and capable of breaking into the most ingeniously secured places. Garrett steals from the wealthy and gives to himself, making his living in the dark and foreboding City. Although Garrett would prefer to be left alone to ply his trade, the prophecies of an impending Dark Age dictate a different plan for the thief. In his efforts to prevent the Dark Age, Garrett has inadvertently roused an ancient, hidden evil. He finds himself without allies, standing alone between the City and the forces that would crush it.

Playing as Garrett, you must use your skills to sneak throughout the City into castles, mansions, prisons, cathedrals, dungeons and museums, past armed guards, hired muscle, angry thugs, hideous monsters, and much worse. Garrett must steal the City’s oldest treasures in order to stop the darkness foretold in the prophecies. You will have a wealth of thieves’ tools at your disposal, including lock picks, a variety of special arrows, wall climbing gloves and flash bombs.

An innovative new key feature in Thief is “body awareness”, which gives you the ability to see your hands and feet while climbing walls, leaning over ledges, and picking locks. Working hand-in-hand with body awareness is Ion Storm’s dynamic lighting system, Garrett can manipulate the light and shadows in real-time to his own advantage, creating entirely new stealth opportunities.

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