Tom Clancy’s – Splinter Cell (Xbox), Boxed


Pre-Owned Tom Clancy’s – Splinter Cell (Xbox), Boxed.

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Pre-Owned Tom Clancy’s – Splinter Cell (Xbox), Boxed.

Author Tom Clancy has written some fine novels, and UbiSoft has written some great games based on these works. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is one such release. This one is a bit different, however: it models itself on that champion of espionage, Metal Gear Solid 2, which, as it happens, is a good thing.

As Sam Fisher, you are out to save the world from international terrorism. In doing this, stealth is of paramount importance. Splinter Cell makes terrific use of light and shadows in this regard. If Sam Fisher stays in the dark, he is less likely to be seen; but, equipped with night vision goggles, you are not hindered by the lighting effects. It’s a clever system that creates some memorable scenes and adds to the sensation of being undercover.

Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell is a supremely balanced game. The initial training received is just long enough, gameplay is perfectly weighted between stealth and action, and the blend of different objectives in missions ensures that the experience never becomes a chore. More than being merely balanced, though, Splinter Cell excels in all areas. This is as compelling a spy game as you’ll ever play. —Jonti Davies

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