Turok Evolution (GameCube), Boxed


Pre-Owned Turok Evolution (GameCube), Boxed

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Pre-Owned Turok Evolution for Nintendo GameCube in Boxed condition.

During a conflict with his formidable arch-enemy, Captain Tobias Bruckner, hero Tal’Set is sucked through a rift in his world and winds up in the Lost Land. Nursed back to life by the natives of this Jurassic world, Tal’Set becomes a crucial participant in a pre-historic war against Lord Tryannus. But before long, he succumbs to the knowledge that Tobias Bruckner, also sucked through the rift, has been appointed to lead Tryannus’ army. Oh dear!

Built from the ground up, Turok, although still strictly an FPS game, is quite different from its predecessors in terms of game design and a greatly improved set of AI routines. Comprising of a number of missions and challenges that encourage players to master both combat and stealth-based tasks. A seemingly limitless supply of armour and weapons are littered around Evolution’s massive and exotic locations, but many are well hidden and hard to reach, so use the contents of your inventory wisely.

The resident 30 species of dinosaur react almost instinctively to their surroundings and the actions of the player. This regularly forces the player to play things by ear, never quite sure what will happen next. New to Evolution is the fact that players are no longer restricted to the familiar ground-based combat, as they are given the opportunity to ride a mythical Quetzalcoatlus in air combat sessions.

Such welcome extensions on the world of Turok are also playable in the game’s polished multi-player battles, and help to boost the lifespan of an already massive game.

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