Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Drukhari


Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Drukhari – New.

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Warhammer 40,000: Combat Patrol – Drukhari – New.

Fiercely intelligent piratical raiders who feed upon anguish to stave off the slow death of their souls, the Drukhari epitomise everything wanton and cruel about the ancient Aeldari race from which they are descended. Their boundless potential is put to every terrible purpose they can imagine, and because their lives span millennia, they have all the time they need to perfect their stygian arts. Collectively, the warriors of Commorragh know all the ways there are to kill the galaxy’s myriad creatures, and delight in perfecting as many as they can.

This boxed set contains 18 plastic models, making up a force that’s perfect as an army for Combat Patrol-sized games or the start of a Crusade force – allowing you to collect, assemble and play with your new miniatures right away!

This special boxcset is themed predominantly around the Kabals of Drukhari culture, with a cunning Archon leading 10 ruthless Kabalite Warriors and five elite Incubi into battle. Every raid needs speed and firepower, and that’s where the rapier like Raider and Ravager vehicles come in.

Top tip: adding the Drukhari half of Piety and Pain would be an awesome ‘next steps’ move for expanding your army.


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