Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team – Pariah Nexus – Starter Box Set

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Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team – Pariah Nexus – Starter Box Set – New.

Kill Team is back, with brand new miniatures, game boards, terrain, and a claustrophobic setting deep below the surface of Vertigus II.

If you love the idea of taking the fight underground into the beating heart of a Necron tomb world, you’re in luck – that’s very much the theme of the new Warhammer 40,000: Kill Team ‘Pariah Nexus’ boxed set!

Let’s take a closer look at the models included in the box – it’s fair to say that many of you have been itching to add a unit of Heavy Intercessors and Flayed Ones to your collections. Both are multipart plastic kits, and in the case of the Heavy Intercessors, they have all of the weapon options available on their datasheet in Codex: Space Marines.

They’re not alone, either – two new Commander miniatures are also found in the box, in the form of a Space Marine Captain and Chronomancer. As Commanders, they’re powerful additions to your kill teams, each with profiles and abilities far beyond that of even your specialist warriors.

The Captain is clad in Mark X Gravis armour, increasing his survivability even further, and he’s armed with a master-crafted heavy bolt rifle for some brutal firepower.

Meanwhile, the Chronomancer can be equipped with a choice of aeonstave or entropic lance and has three head options, alongside one of two chronometrons (one open, one closed) in its left hand.

All of the models in Kill Team: Pariah Nexus will only be available in this set at the time of launch.

As we mentioned earlier, the action takes place in a Necron tomb complex rather than beneath the open sky. Each side of the fold-out card game board included in the set represents a subterranean location – either a Crypt of Cynosure or Translocum Chamber.

There’s also plenty of thematic and incredibly dangerous Necron terrain in the set to populate your battlefield with, including induction diodes, quantum nodes, thermionic annuluses, and more.

You’ll be fully kitted out for playing the game, too. Not only does the 112-page Pariah Nexus book include the game’s core rules, but it also offers loads of additional content, such as the Close Confines rules for fighting the desperate indoor and underground battles. This expansion is set in a deadly Necron labyrinth (of dooooom), after all.



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