Official Wii Remote (White), No Box


Pre-Owned Official Wii Remote (White), No Box.

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Pre-Owned Official Wii Remote (White), No Box.

The original revolutionary remote that was bundled with the Wii video game system.

This remote features a directional pad, a [1]-button, a [2]-button, a large [A] button on the front below the directional pad, a trigger style [B]-button on the backside of the remote. Also on the face are three small circular buttons including a [-] button, used as select, a [HOME] button, that brings up the Wii’s home menu system, and a [+] button, which doubles as a Start button. In the upper left hand corner is a power button that can turn the Wii system off and on. Along the bottom of the controller are four indicator lights, that light up to indicate which player the controller is assigned to.

The Most innovative feature of the WiiMote is its gyroscopic motion controls, allowing players to interact with their games in new and inventive ways!

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