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Awesome Spider-Man Web Swinging in Fortnite Goes Viral

Swinging ’bout town.

Fortnite may not be for you, but you have to give it props when the Battle Royale shooter fully implements a new feature that’s exclusive to just one skin and looks completely natural in-game. And that is exactly what has happened with wall crawler Spider-Man in Chapter 3, who is able to web swing about the map. Using the buildings throughout the map, it’s a manual method of swinging that allows you to quickly zip about locations rather than covering great stretches in an instant. A Twitter video showing all this off has now gone viral, garnering over 35,000 likes at the time of writing as well as almost 6,000 retweets. Talk about engagement.

As you can see in the clip below, which has been viewed one million times, Spider-Man flings himself off a house before shooting a web out to a rotating taco sign and landing back on the ground. A follow-up video also shares how you can even websurf along the ground.

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