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Battlefield 2042 Doesn’t Have a Campaign, But It Is Getting a Short Film

Check out the teaser for Exodus.

In a similar move to Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, EA and DICE’s upcoming shooter Battlefield 2042 won’t have a single player campaign. The anticipated FPS will have its usual suite of multiplayer modes, as well as Portal — a user generated content hub — and something called Hazard Zone, which we don’t know much about yet. However, despite the lack of a story mode, the game does have a narrative backdrop, and it’s something we’ll see explored in a short film.

Yes, EA is set to release a short film titled Exodus on YouTube next week, on 12th August. This standalone movie will set up the story behind the game’s war. DICE has already established a timeline of events leading up to the game, contextualising the action with a history of global warming, economic collapse, and political disruption. Presumably, this short film will put everything into a digestible format.

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