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God of War PC Peaks at Almost 50,000 Players on Steam

Boy, that’s decent.

God of War has got off to a strong start on PC storefront Steam, where it peaked at almost 50,000 players earlier in the day. This, to be clear, is concurrent users based on Valve data – it means the title has presumably sold significantly better, of course, as not everyone will be playing at the exact same time. The title already has over 1,800 user reviews at the time of writing, with fan feedback Overwhelmingly Positive.

Sony has attracted plaudits for the PC version of its flagship franchise, which first launched on the PlayStation 4 in 2018. By all accounts it’s a stunning re-release of a contemporary classic, with plenty of fancy new features and great compatibility across the board. Since a slightly shaky start with Horizon Zero Dawn, the platform holder has been getting rave reviews for the care and attention it’s been putting into its PC conversions.

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