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Gran Turismo 7 PS5, PS4 User Score the Lowest in PlayStation Exclusive History

Road block.

Update: Gran Turismo 7 has achieved the unfortunate accolade of having the lowest Metacritic user score in Sony exclusive history. The score of 2.2 – which is still falling – puts it below the likes of Cool Boarders 2001 on PS1. It’s a sharp message from fans (and, presumably, some trolls) that Polyphony Digital has work to do.

Original Story: The reception to Gran Turismo 7 was overwhelmingly positive up until this week, but a series of unforced errors have prompted the reputation of the simulation racer to plummet. Following a patch – which adjusted the release’s in-game currency payouts, and then ultimately broke the game – fans have been taking to sites like Metacritic to review bomb the title.

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