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Horizon Forbidden West’s 1.09 Patch Makes Looting So Much Better

Skip the animation.

100 per cent completion fixes and performance boosts headlined last week’s update for Horizon Forbidden West, which is fairly understandable. However, it means the best thing about patch 1.09 isn’t getting the praise it really deserves. In fact, the change wasn’t even mentioned in the patch notes! If you dive into the game’s options, there’s now a toggle that removes Aloy’s animation for picking up healing items, plants, and wood out in the open world.

If you decide to skip the animation, the process of picking these items up is vastly sped up, meaning you can collect more in a much shorter space of time. The Twitter video below demonstrates what happens, but effectively, you are hitting the Triangle button and the resource is being automatically placed in your own inventory. Simply run past them whilst spamming the button and you’ll collect them all instantly.

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