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Negotiations for Death Stranding Sequel Underway, Reveals Star Reedus

Got a BRIDGES to sell you.

Looks like there’ll be a sequel to Death Stranding, as star Norman Reedus – who plays Sam Porter Bridges in the game – has revealed to journalists at a Walking Dead roundtable that negotiations are underway. However, there’s a whiff of Chinese whispers to this story: IGN Brazil cites a scribe from AdoroCinema as its source, and there’s no video clip to back it up.

Nevertheless, Reedus seemed thrilled at the prospect: “I think we’re doing a second Death Stranding,” he’s quoted as saying. “ is in negotiations right now. So yay!” Obviously the original was a relatively big success, attracting tons of Game of the Year awards and prompting development of a Director’s Cut, which is due out next month.

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