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Next-Gen PSVR for PS5 Sounds Mind Blowing

4K! Headset haptic feedback! Foveated rendering!

The next-gen PSVR headset Sony has already announced for PlayStation 5 sounds like a quantum leap compared to its rudimentary PS4 predecessor. That’s assuming an exclusive report published by UploadVR is accurate, which cites “reliable sources”. Apparently, the platform holder has been briefing developers on the headset’s features, which makes sense considering it did mention prototype hardware would be sent out soon.

What are the key details, then? Well, it allegedly has a resolution of 4000×2040 (an enormous boost compared to the previous PSVR headset’s 1920×1080) and gaze tracking capable of foveated rendering. The latter could be a game-changer: in layman’s terms it means that the headset may be able to detect where you’re looking, meaning that developers can render the objects you’re focusing on in higher detail. Pair this with the PS5’s super-fast SSD, and we’re already drooling.

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