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Nice Shot! Sounds Like Rocket League Is Coming to PS5

Court documents strike again.

Rocket League looks and plays great on PlayStation 5 as it is, but as previously reported it’ll need a native port in order to unlock the 120 frames-per-second features available on other formats. Good news, then: the ongoing Epic Games vs Apple lawsuit has uncovered yet another tidbit – a next-generation Rocket League client that’s in development now.

It seems this new version will, for the first time, be playable on mobile, and it’ll feature crossplay and cross-progression. There’s no explicit mention of Sony’s new system, but frankly we’d be shocked if Psyonix released an updated Rocket League without native support for the next-gen console. The documents mention that a beta is planned for smartphones later this year, and that it’ll be available on mobile “long before it’s released on other platforms”.

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